Coronation Street‘s Graeme Hawley reveals John is so desperate to get back to teaching he doesn’t think twice about resorting to crime… again!

Why would John risk everything for a job?
“He loves teaching and feels very unfulfilled at the moment.”

But stealing someone’s identity is so risky… Who is the victim?
“An old colleague called Colin Fishwick. He’s emigrating and invites John to his leaving do.”

So how is John tempted back into crime?
“John and Colin are reminiscing in Colin’s study. Colin’s called away and John sees his credentials just lying there. He has one of his biannual rushes of blood to the head and steals them.”

What’s his plan?
“He’s going to use the papers to apply for jobs. It’s a crazy idea… but John thinks it’s a good one. He met a guy while he was in prison who can mock up references for him. He really thinks it through.”

Does he tell Fiz what he’s done?
“He does. He thinks it’s OK as long as he’s honest with her.”

And is she OK with it?
“At first she’s horrified. She says she’s not going to help him commit a crime that could land him back in prison. But then she realises just how much teaching means to him and agrees to go along with his plan.”

What’s his next move?
“He sees an ad for a job and applies. The school’s not nearby so he doesn’t risk being recognised. He’s nervous yet exhilarated. He really thinks he’ll get away with it.”

Is it a good idea him being around young girls? Is he safe?
“Yes. He won’t be abducting or falling for any more schoolgirls. John makes mistakes, but at least he makes different ones each time.”

Will he really be able to pull off a double identity?
“It’s not going to be as easy as he thinks… And Fiz will have a double identity too. She’ll also be known as Fiz Fishwick!”