John Stape to leave Coronation Street

Coronation Street serial killer John Stape is reportedly set to leave the soap this summer after his crimes finally catch up with him.

The teacher, played by Graeme Hawley, is slowly being driven mad by the terrible secret he has been keeping and the Daily Star claims he’ll finally be written out of the show.

Murderer John, who is struggling with the burden of his terrible deeds, decides he can’t go on any more and reportedly decides to end it all by taking his own life.

Graeme told The Daily Star he is on a rolling six month contract and his character could be killed off at any moment.

He said: “Every six months I expect to be gone.

“I can’t see there being a happy ever after for John Stape. But I just turn up, do what I’m told and don’t think about it.”

Jailbird John buried his friend Colin Fishwick, whose identity he stole, in the foundations of the factory after he died of a heart attack.

He then killed Charlotte with a hammer when she started blackmailing him about Colin’s death, and killed Colin’s mother Joy when she tried to find her son.

A Coronation Street spokesman refused to comment on how John Stape will be written out of the soap, but confirmed he is leaving this year.

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