John the teacher becomes the Street’s pet

Rosie’s seduced him, Sally fancies him, Fiz loves him and Coronation Street star Graeme Hawley says John’s in over his head!

John’s turning into a bit of a womaniser, isn’t he?

“Yes, but this isn’t something that comes naturally to him. He’s never been a ladies’ man before and I think his lack of experience is what’s getting him into trouble.”

So he didn’t mean to kiss Rosie?

“Well, she kissed him and it came out of the blue. It wasn’t premeditated.”

But now he’s having secret meetings

with her. That’s deliberate, right?

“I know it looks as if he’s good at it, but I don’t

think he’s done it before. At first he was terrified but now he’s learning the ropes a bit.”

Is he enjoying his secret affair with her?

“She’s forbidden fruit for him and that’s what’s attractive about the affair. He’s at a stage

in his life where he didn’t think he would get much more excitement. Rosie’s his last fling.”

And what about Fiz?

“He’s laying it on thick with Fiz, sending her flowers and so on to ease his conscience…”

Does she suspect he’s cheating?

“Not really, but she’s picked up on Sally’s behaviour towards him. She’s sure it’s Sally who’s after him, but hasn’t a clue about Rosie.”

Does he feel guilty about it?

He feels terrible. He’s got himself into a mess and doesn’t know how to get out of it. Every time he looks at Fiz he feels guilty. He really wants to do the right thing by her.”

But not enough to stop seeing Rosie…

“Er… no. As I say, he’s out of his depth here.”

How does he feel when Rosie says she’s coming back to Weatherfield High?

“Panicked. He knows he could get into trouble for a teacher-pupil relationship. He could lose his job.”

Can Rosie manipulate him?

“She can wrap him around her little finger!”

Does John know Sally fancies him too?

“Not yet even though Fiz keeps telling him. There

is a connection between him and Sally. I think he just sees it as her looking up to him academically.”

Is there a chance he might end up having an affair with Sally as well as Rosie?

“I think that would be way too much for him!”