‘John’s on the verge of a breakdown,’ says Graeme

Coronation Street‘s Graeme Hawley reveals that John confesses to Colin’s mum, then she dies! Has John struck again?

How bad does John feel about Joy wanting to see Colin before she dies?

“He feels really bad about it. But it’s partly for selfish reasons. He thinks his baby Hope is ill and all these people around him are dying, because of the evil things he’s done. He wants to help Joy before she dies.”

What does he do?

“It starts with him mending her boiler. Doing some shopping. Visiting her for a chat and putting a picture of Colin up on the wall.”

How does he explain Colin’s absence?

“He tells her that Colin is in Canada and that he doesn’t want to speak to her.”

Why does he tell her that Colin can receive messages?

“Because he feels sorry for her! It’s one of the most stupid things he’s done. He gives her his own phone number and tells her to leave Colin messages. She does this, but one day, she sends a message while he’s at her house and the phone is on the table!”

How does John get out of that?

“He says he has got Colin’s phone. And that he’s in Weatherfield and is going to come and visit her. She gets all excited and even sends John out for a tin of peaches because they are Colin’s favourite.”

What happens when Colin doesn’t turn up?

“For a while, John has been desperate to tell someone the truth and ends up confiding in Joy. He says that Colin dropped dead on him and he buried him under the factory. He regrets it as soon as Joy says she’s calling the police.”

What happens next?

“Joy is ill with angina and starts to have an attack. She’s looking quite ill and agitated. She needs her spray to stave off the attack.”

Would John really leave an old lady to suffer?

“It’s a difficult one. You have to wonder how helpful he’ll be when it’s a question of Joy versus his family. She’s already told him she hasn’t got long left to live. He needs to keep his family together for Fiz and Hope’s sake.”

Why does he go back to the house later?

“Because there might be incriminating evidence.”

Is Joy dead?

“You’ll have to wait and see!”

How does John feel when a nosy neighbour starts asking him questions?

“He’s that neighbourhood’s version of Norris Cole. A 60-year-old karate expert. John’s not happy about it.”

How is John coping with the situation?

“He’s not. He’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is an even looser canon than Charlotte was. He doesn’t know left from right or up from down at the moment. Ches notices something is up. But given that people have died in the tram crash and Hope is poorly, you’d expect John to be anxious.”

How is Hope doing?

“After he leave’s Joy’s, John goes to the hospital to hold Hope for the first time. She’s turned a corner, but still isn’t out of the woods.”

What’s in store for John?

“I don’t know. They keep telling me they will have to wrap this storyline up, but keep coming back with new twists. Maybe John will break soap code and get away with murder. Who knows?”