‘I just love Liz and Eileen when they start’ Corrie fans look forward to it kicking off in The Rovers tonight!

'Speak to me like that again McDonald and I’ll smack you one,' snarls Eileen

Eileen and Liz get into a hilarious war of words as things spiral out of control in The Rovers tonight and it even looks like it could come to blows!

After their lunch doesn’t go well, Eileen heads into The Rovers with poor Steve in tow for an allegedly quiet drink tonight, but there’s nothing peaceful about it!

When Liz pretends to have forgotten Eileen’s normal tipple, she smugly hits back at Liz with: “Happens at your age, doesn’t it?!”

A few catty comments later and Liz bars her! “Speak to me like that again McDonald and I’ll smack you one,” snarls Eileen, with Liz replying: “You gobby mare, that’s it, you’re barred.”

“Love Liz. Needs to be back in charge of the Rovers. It’s far better when she’s behind the bar,” said one fan.

And people love the way Steve helplessly stands between the pair, as his desperate attempts to keep the peace fail miserably. One commented: “Oh just love Liz and Eileen when they start just even funnier with Steve stuck in the middle.”

Meanwhile, we revealed in our spring preview that Eileen is set to take a big hand in Phelan’s downfall.

Coronation Street is on at 7.30pm and 8.30pm tonight.

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