Kate explains how Becky’s dream wedding turns sour

Coronation Street’s

Kate Kelly tells of Becky’s dream wedding day and nightmare wedding night!

How is Becky feeling in the build-up to her second wedding day?

“She can’t wait. She wants to get it done and in the bag.”

Why does she tell Slug to get lost?

“Becky refuses to give him money and he says, ‘I’ll see you on Friday for the wedding and I’ll make a nuisance of myself.’ Steve sees them talking, but doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Has she any idea that DC Hooch and Slug are in contact with each other?

“She doesn’t even know Hooch is around. If she knew she’d be shocked.”

Where are Steve and Becky planning to honeymoon this time?

“Nowhere was the plan, but Becky’s secretly entered a competition to win a honeymoon to Aruba… and she wins!”

She has another secret too when she invites Steve’s dad Jim to the wedding. Why doesn’t she ask Steve first?

“She’s sad none of Steve’s family are going to be at the wedding and wants to surprise him. She gets hold of Jim, but then Liz and Andy end up coming back from Spain as well so things could go wrong if Liz and Jim kick off as they tend to do.”

When does she tell Steve about Jim?

“She’s forced to tell him before the wedding because he’s noticed her secretive behaviour with Slug and phone calls about Jim and the honeymoon. He thinks she’s up to something.”

Is Becky sober at her wedding this time?

“She hasn’t had a drink for 48 hours to avoid a repeat of last time. She doesn’t even drink on her hen night!”

So… do they actually marry at last?

“The wedding is perfect. Becky gets ready with Amy at the Croppers, Natasha does her hair as a gift, she gets a lovely car to the registry office and then they get married – at last!”

But what happens next isn’t so perfect…

“It’s anything but and Becky doesn’t see it coming. One minute she and Steve are enjoying their reception in The Rovers, the next she’s arrested, put in handcuffs and ends up spending her wedding night in a police cell looking a bit like a dead swan!”

She also comes face-to-face with Hooch…

“That’s when it all makes sense to her… when she realises she’s been set up.”

Does Steve believe she’s innocent?

“She begs him to believe her and Steve really wants to… but he has to ask first and that really wounds Becky.”

How are they going to fight this?

“Becky’s had all the fight knocked out of her and I think she’s almost ready to accept her fate. She needs Steve more than ever now…”

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