Kate Ford: ‘I don’t have Tracy’s confidence’

Kate Ford has revealed she isn’t as confident as her Coronation Street alter-ego Tracy Barlow.

While Tracy is labelled as Weatherfield’s man-eater, it appears the actress is nothing like her.

“When I was younger, in my early 20s, I went through that stage of thinking I was the bee’s knees, but, in general, no. I don’t have Tracy’s confidence,” she told New!

While Tracy’s life is complicated – she is expecting another child with Steve McDonald – in real life, Kate prefers a calmer lifestyle.

“I would be quite pleased [if I had another baby on the way]. But my situation is different to Tracy’s. I’m married and settled, whereas Steve blows hot and cold,” said the star, who has portrayed ‘Toxic Tracy’ for the past decade.

And Kate, who has just signed a new contract with Coronation Stret, dismissed rumours she had considered leaving because she missed being away from her three-year-old son, Otis.

“I’m in Coronation Street until at least the end of next year. Being apart from Otis hasn’t been that difficult actually – the longest I’ve ever been away from him is four days and we speak on the phone daily,” she revealed.

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