Kate Ford: I’d love to do a comedy

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has revealed that she would love to star in a comedy on TV, saying it would be fun to do something “frivolous” for a change.

Kate, who plays Tracy Barlow in the show, is set to be a big part of next week’s dramatic storylines which will culminate in Becky’s departure.

However she admitted she would love a change of pace, saying, I wouldn’t mind doing a comedy. That would be quite nice. Something like Benidorm would be good; something frivolous.”

The actress added that she would also be keen to work with director Woody Allen, as she is a big fan of his work. “I love Sweet And Lowdown, and Bullets Over Broadway and Annie Hall,” she said.

The 34-year-old has already had a taste of big screen life, working on the historical drama The Affair Of The Necklace – which starred Hilary Swank – in 2001.

“That was fun, but that was quite scary because it had some big film stars in it; that was my first job,” Kate recalled.

“I was working with Hilary Swank, and because I’d just left drama school I was sat next to her in make-up and that was fun.

“I was on the set of this big budget movie, though it was a really small part. I wasn’t even in the final film.”