Coronation Street’s Kate Ford explains to Soaplife how Tracy and Tina fall out – and how Tracy’s determined that Tina will never get the better of her!

Tracy and Tina have never seen eye to eye, but they’re about to become out and out enemies. “It all kicks off when Tina finds out Dennis has sold Rita’s engagement ring to Barlow’s Buys… Tina goes into the shop, demands Tracy sell the ring back and their feud really gets nasty,” Kate reveals to Soaplife. When Tracy then tells Rita about the ring, Tina gets her own back… but Tracy’s not going to let Tina come out on top.

Why does Tracy hate Tina so much?

“Tracy is maybe a little bit jealous of Tina because she’s young and pretty – Tracy’s threatened by that and worries that maybe Rob will fancy Tina.”

Tracy doesn’t hate Rita, so how come she blabs about Dennis selling the ring?

“Tracy wouldn’t have told Rita if Tina hadn’t have provoked her. She doesn’t care about Rita’s feelings, though – there’s no neighbourly loyalty there! With Tracy there never is.”

How does Tina get revenge on Tracy?

“Tina chucks a brick through the window of Barlow’s Buys! Tracy’s shocked – not even she would do that!”

What does Tracy do?

“Ha! She decides to smash up even more of the shop so she can claim more on the insurance. Tracy wants to come out smelling of roses! It kind of takes the wind out of Tina’s sails.”

The shop is half Rob’s – what does he think about all this?

“There’s an element of him worrying Tracy’s threatening the business with her nasty side. By telling Rita about Dennis selling the ring, Tracy’s broken confidentiality and Rob starts to panic that people will lose trust in them before they’ve really started.”

Do you enjoy Tracy being back to her nasty self?

“Yes! I like it best when she feels she has a reason to be nasty. But then Tracy can justify anything in her own mind.”