Kate Ford: Tracy has every reason to be terrified!

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford reveals Tracy will lie in court… even if it means a ‘guilty’ verdict for Gail!

Has Tracy no conscience that she’s framing an innocent woman for murder?

“She feels a bit bad about it as Gail’s one of the few people who likes her. But she’s doing this for Amy. She believes it’s her only option.”

What exactly is her deal with the prison governor? Can they really let her go free?

“No. They can’t and they don’t intend to. Tracy’s a murderer. The deal is she’s agreed to testify in exchange for being moved to an open prison. It will be more comfortable for her. But most importantly it will increase her access to Amy. There’ll be a playroom and it will be much nicer than the 20-minute visits she gets from Amy at the moment.”

Does the deal depend on a guilty verdict?

“The deal is the deal whatever the verdict.”

Ken and Deirdre try to talk Tracy out of going through with it. Does she listen?

“She listens… and she doesn’t. They warn her that if the other prisoners find out she’s a grass it could be really dangerous. But it doesn’t change Tracy’s mind. She knows this already and has to take the risk.”

How does she feel on taking the stand?

“Very nervous. It’s the same court where she was tried for murder so the memories come flooding back.”

Can she bring herself to look at Gail?

“At the beginning, but not once she’s finished.”

Does Gail protest?

“Of course she does! It’s all very dramatic right up to the verdict.”

And what is the verdict?

“A secret! Corrie’s filmed two endings to keep it that way – one guilty and one not guilty.”

Does Tracy regret her actions afterwards?

“Not immediately afterwards. She’s been eaten up with jealousy over Becky’s role in Amy’s life. She’s obsessed that her bond with her daughter will weaken.”

Sounds like regrets set in though… Why?

“The governor goes back on the deal and tells Tracy she’s not going to get sent to an open prison after all. Tracy’s totally floored.”

And she’s also totally stitched up with the reveal that the other prisoners will find out about her deal and beat her up. How much danger is Tracy in?

“I don’t want to give much away, but Tracy has every reason to be terrified.”

We also know Tracy will be back later this year… Will she somehow be released?

“I’m back in December, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next with Tracy… and I don’t want to. But I’m sure it’s going to be good.”

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