Kate Ford: ‘You see Tracy’s vulnerable side’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford tells Soaplife that even Tracy’s shocked when she finds out Amy’s deliberately poisoning herself to get her parents’ attention…

Tracy’s getting what she wants in spending more time with Steve, but when she discovers the truth behind Amy’s illness – that her little girl is scheming to get what she wants, too – it’s a real wake-up call. “She starts to think it would be better if Amy wasn’t being used as a pawn between her and Steve,” Kate tells Soaplife. “She knows she has to put Amy first.” Before herself? That’s a real first for Tracy…

Is Tracy afraid that Amy’s illness is worse than the doctors think?

“She’s worried there’s something seriously wrong and wonders if the doctors have made a mistake. She’s been told Amy has a milk allergy, but even though she’s stopped giving her milk, Amy’s not getting better.”

Then the doctor suggests Amy may have to go into hospital for more tests…

“And you see a much more vulnerable side to Tracy; she’s really pleased that Steve is there for her. It gives her hope it could continue though.”

We know that when Amy’s sick again Becky suggests Tracy’s poisoning her…

“Tracy would be furious if she knew what Becky was saying. Tracy has pulled some stunts, but for Becky to accuse her of deliberately harming her own daughter is outrageous.”

How does Tracy find out Amy’s making herself ill for attention?

“She catches Amy taking milk from the fridge. Amy drops the milk and locks herself in the front room and Tracy calls Steve round to coax her out.”

And then Amy confesses?

“Amy tells them she’s been making herself ill because then Steve comes round and her parents are nicer to each other.”

Does Tracy feel guilty?

“Both she and Steve feel very guilty. They haven’t behaved well and at times have forgotten that there’s a child involved.”

Tracy reaches a big decision… We’re wondering if she’ll leave the Street?

“She’d consider it. Deep down she thinks she’s not going to get Steve and wonders if Amy would be better off with one parent, one house – no part-time anything.”

So she’d take Amy away from her dad?

“I think she would. She might start off trying to call Steve’s bluff, but this has been a wake-up call for her.”

And how would she feel leaving Steve?

“She does want to be a family with Steve and part of her hopes this will happen one day, but it’s all got so messy and Amy has really suffered.”

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