Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly reveals that Becky wants her baby as much as Steve… But we can reveal there’s tragedy to come…

Becky and Steve’s marriage hits a new low when he takes Kelly out on his new motorbike. Can it get any worse?

“They’ve become very estranged. And it does get worse when Steve takes Kelly upstairs at The Rovers for a private drink. Becky’s devastated, but she hasn’t got any fight left… She’s just discovered her mum’s died. She hated her mum and she’s not upset about her death, but it’s brought back lots of bad memories for her.”

Does Steve know about her mum?

“No. Becky does what she often does and shuts down. Steve doesn’t find out until
she comes home in her funeral outfit. He accuses her of getting dressed up for a day out and she’s so shattered she can’t say anything, until Liz is about to have a go and she admits she’s just buried her mum.”

Why has she let the situation between her and Steve get so bad?

“She doesn’t know how to make it better. She can chat all day long, but she can’t sit down and talk about things that matter.”

And we hear there’s a huge thing she desperately needs to talk about…

“She’s pregnant. She’s known for a few weeks and hasn’t told Steve because she needs to sort out how she feels about it. She always thought she didn’t want a baby.”

How has this happened then?

“It must have been an accident but, then again, is there such a thing? Maybe deep down she did want a baby all along…”

When does she tell Steve?

“When he realises what an idiot he’s being and promises there’ll be no more secrets between them. She tells him she’s pregnant and he’s excited. But then she tells him she’s not sure she wants to keep it…”

Does he change her mind?

“Yes. He explains she won’t be like her mum because they’re going to be a family. Once she gets her head round that it feels like she’s got six numbers and a Bonus Ball.”

But with news Becky will lose the baby that happiness would be short-lived. Would a miscarriage end Becky and Steve’s baby dreams for good?

“I can never second-guess what’s coming next for Becky. But I love the idea of her being an expectant mum – not smoking and wearing tight tops to show off the bump.”

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