Coronation Street actress Kate Ford has admitted she’s ‘nervous’ about leaving the soap at the end of March.

Speaking to Jeremy Edwards and Terri Dwyer on ITV1’s Coronation Street Confidential, she said the prospect of quitting was ‘terrifying’ and that she had no solid offers of work on the horizon.

“I’ve got nothing lined up apart from sleeping. At the moment I can’t get my head around anything because Tracy’s storyline is too big,” she said.

And what a plotline it is – viewers have been gripped for months as Tracy spun a web of lies about her relationship with bullying boyfriend Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward).

After ensuring everyone around her thought she was being abused, Tracy bumped him off and claimed it was self-defence.

Now, the murdering minx has to rely on twisted teen David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) as a crucial defence witness in court. He insists his testimony will see her walk free from the dock – but first she has to do exactly as he says.

The scheming seductress is also hooking up with landlord Steve (Simon Gregson) again.