Kate: ‘There are so people many who hate Tracy’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford talks to Soaplife about Tracy’s traumatic end to 2010

Tracy had the Christmas of her dreams with Amy, but New Year isn’t so good for her as she is brutally attacked not long after sleeping with two different men. Some would say she had it coming, but who would be brave and angry enough to attack Tracy? “It could be any number of people,” says Kate. “There are so many people in Weatherfield who hate Tracy at the moment…”

Well, she’s been nasty to everyone…

“She thinks everyone hates her, so she goes for them before they have the chance to do it to her.”

She’s made Steve’s life hell by taking Amy away…

“Tracy thinks that she has to be cruel to be kind. She believes that Amy should be with her mother and will soon get used to the idea. Anyway, she thinks she’s going to get Steve, too…”

So she means it when she tells Becky that it will be her last Christmas as Mrs McDonald?

“Yes. She really believes there’s a chance she could be with Steve.”

But we know it’s not Steve she sleeps with…

“She has sex with two men in 24 hours. She’s a bit desperate as it’s been four years since she’s had any action!”

So what can you tell us about the attack on her?

“She answers the back door at No 1 and is attacked. She’s quite badly injured. It’s really traumatic.”

Who finds her?

“Steve – which makes him a suspect…”