Coronation Street‘s Katherine Kelly reveals to Soaplife that Becky leaves it too late to forgive Steve… He wants a divorce!

Becky can’t believe Steve ever thought calling social services about Max would make everything OK. He thought telling the whole truth about the little boy would give Tracy nothing to blackmail them with, but now they’ve lost him. “Becky can’t forgive Steve. He’s done the most hateful and hurtful thing to her that anyone has ever done in her entire life. This is the end for them.” And it really looks like it is.

So Steve’s plan has backfired spectacularly?
“Yes. Becky’s devastated. She’s still reeling from his betrayal. In her eyes he gambled with Max’s life and it didn’t work. All is lost as far as Max is concerned.”

And Steve, too?
“Becky really does still love Steve, but he’s broken her heart. They’re over.”

And Becky has gone?
“Yes. She’s partying at a posh city hotel. She’s pushed the self-destruct button and turned back into the old Becky.”

We know Steve finds her, though…
“He does, but she’s furious with him. As soon as she sees him everything comes flooding back: her love for Steve, for Max and for everything she had. But she doesn’t want to remember a thing right now. She wants to go to sleep and never wake up.”

Can Steve convince her to come home?
“No. She’s completely cold towards him. It’s like something’s died inside her.”

But Roy and Hayley turn up and do get through to her, don’t they?
“One of the gang at the party has a go at Roy and that shocks Becky back into life. She goes home, but she’s massively jealous when she sees Steve has moved Stella into The Rovers. She flirts with Karl and tells Steve she’s been sleeping with other men at the hotel. She wants to make him suffer, to punish him.”

But she ends up suffering more…
“Yes. She was lying to Steve. She couldn’t bear the thought of being with anyone else. But by the time she tells him she was lying it’s too late. She wants to try again – and he wants a divorce.”