Katherine Kelly: ‘Becky gives Kylie both barrels’

Coronation Street‘s Katherine Kelly tells Soaplife Becky’s not just going back to her bad ways… she’s going to be worse than ever!

What makes Becky snap and go on a drunken rampage?

“Becky gets to a point where she is either going to break a glass in Liz’s face or walk out. She chooses to walk out and get wasted. Steve tries to stop her, but she says ‘If I am trailer trash, I might as well behave like trailer trash’ and storms off. She wants to take the edge off everything.”

Who is Becky gunning for?

“After she’s had a few drinks, she decides that it’s all Kylie’s fault. She would have been happy if it weren’t for her turning up again and lying to the adoption people. She gives it to her both barrels. The rage boils inside her and she tries to kill Kylie – it’s the biggest fight I’ve ever done.”

Does she think that Kylie might want Max back?

“She starts to think that when David starts asking if they can take Max out, but David doesn’t know what’s gone on. At that point, she thinks she might lose both of the children. She’s not happy that Kylie is back and marrying David, but I think that pairing them off is genius. It opens up new opportunities for me, as Becky has never had anything to do with the Platts before.”

What happens when Steve tries to apologise to Liz?

“A drunken Becky carries on having a go. But she’s only angry because Liz has made the pair of them see what they have done in black and white. The trouble is, she absolutely blames Becky for it.”

How does she feel that Steve has lost Amy to Tracy because of her?

“She feels terrible. It’s dawning on her that they will never get Amy back without losing Max – it is one or the other and she can’t bear to see Steve so upset. She’s missing Amy too because Tracy is doing really horrible things.”

Does she understand why Liz is so upset that her granddaughter is now living with Tracy?

“Yes, because Liz doesn’t know Max and sees it that they’ve chosen him over Amy.”

How does Becky feel about Liz and Jim’s bid to buy the Rovers?

“At first, she thinks that Liz is just trying to get back at her and she isn’t interested, but as time goes on, she starts to think it might be a good idea. Becky’s default has always been to run away and she can only do that if the people she cares about run away with her. She sees this as a chance for them to get away and start again somewhere else with the kids.”

Does Becky feel that she and Steve will ever be safe in the street with Tracy and Kylie around?

“I think Becky actually likes having Tracy to spar with, but she’d rather see the back of Kylie.”

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