Katherine Kelly: ‘No regrets’ about leaving Corrie

Katherine Kelly has revealed she has no regrets about leaving Coronation Street.

The actress quit her role as street favourite Becky McDonald earlier this year, and has gone on to land major TV and theatre roles.

Katherine – who picked up the British Soap Awards for Best Exit and Best Single Episode for Becky’s final farewell – said on the red carpet: “I don’t regret leaving at all. I haven’t had a chance, I haven’t had a moment to even think about it.

“Tonight is like a high school reunion for me, that’s what I’m excited about. It’s nice to come out en masse and celebrate.”

The star added: “The door is completely left wide open and I’d be happy to step through it at any point. I had a glorious time there and I’d love to go back, but I was ready for a change.”

Katherine did confess she was jealous of her soap alter ego, who jetted off to Barbados with a new man.

“I’m like, ‘When did Becky’s life get better than mine?’ She’s probably already running a bar, she’s probably owning the whole of Barbados with mates everywhere, driving around with a really nice tan. I want to be Becky!”