Katherine Kelly: ‘Tracy will never woo Steve’

Katherine Kelly believes there is little chance of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow ever getting together in Coronation Street.

Tracy (Kate Ford) has made no secret of the fact she wants Steve (Simon Gregson), and the pair are currently locking horns over their daughter Amy.

“I just don’t know how Tracy could truly woo Steve after everything she has done. He hates Tracy. Steve has more reason to hate Tracy than Becky ever does,” said Katherine.

“She has ruined two of his marriages and they have a seven-year-old daughter and I know she was banged up for four years, but there were a good few years where they could have got together, but they didn’t. Why now would he get with her? But on Coronation Street, anything is possible, right? We should just watch and learn if she does manage to do it,” the actress added.

Katherine, who confirmed she is leaving in December, is sad that the fairytale romance between her alter-ego Becky and Steve will end.

“I love that Becky and Steve only have eyes for each other. They were blissfully happy until Tracy came along, and even then, they were a very solid couple. This is now something they have to break up, as I am not going to be here next year,” she said.

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