Coronation Street Katherine Kelly tells Soaplife that Becky gets her wish when Kylie goes off without Max… but it’s not going to last!

Does Becky think Kylie is being irresponsible when she announces she’s going on holiday to Ayia Napa?
“Not for going on holiday. Part of her understands where Kylie is coming from because a year ago Becky would have done the same thing. That’s all Becky lived for, holidays. But she’s stunned when Kylie announces she’s taking Max with her. She tells Kylie that she can’t possibly drag Max off to Ayia Napa.”

Does Becky offer to look after Max or is it Kylie’s idea?
“It’s what Kylie was angling for all along. Becky’s pretty much looking after Max all the time anyway while Kylie’s working in the cafe so it won’t be that different.”

Does Becky know that Kylie tries to tap Steve for cash then robs Roy’s Rolls?
“Becky’s in the dark until she starts defending Kylie. Steve snaps and tells her the truth about how Kylie’s been carrying on.”

What happens when social services turn up while Kylie’s away?
“They want to see Max in his new home. Becky tries to get the meeting rearranged, but they refuse. When the social worker turns up, she’s a new person so Becky tells her, ‘I’m Kylie.’ Then she wants to see Becky, so Becky says she’s out shopping.”

How do Becky and Steve feel about having Max to themselves?
“They enjoy it and start imagining he’s part of their family. But it’s not going to last…”

We’ve heard Kylie does return and tells Becky she’s taking Max and moving to Cyprus for good’. How would that make Becky feel?
“Distraught and furious with Kylie for being so selfish.”

Would Becky go as far as to pay Kylie to let her keep Max as has been reported?
“Becky sees her, Steve, Amy and Max as this kind of Walton family for 2010. It’s that old-fashioned thing that I understand because my family on my dad’s side are all Irish. I remember the summers over there with all the cousins, aunties and uncles all pitching in and looking after the kids…”