Katherine’s delighted she’s in Tracy’s firing line

Katherine Kelly has revealed she loves working with Kate Ford, who has made her Coronation Street comeback.

The actress, who plays Becky McDonald, gets to tussle with Kate’s malicious alter-ego Tracy Barlow when she returns to Weatherfield, and is suspected of launching an attack on New Year’s Eve, which leaves Tracy unconscious in hospital.

“Becky is number one suspect – I think she’d be upset if she was anything else,” she said.

“It’s quite fun actually because Becky freely admits she’d love it if she was dead.”

She added: “Tracy is probably one of the best baddies on British TV. The great thing about Kate is she relishes being bad and everyone loves to see someone with no conscience who enjoys being bad. I’m delighted she’s back and I’m in her firing line.”

Katherine reckoned Becky’s a good match for Tracy.

“It’s nice having two people with very different strengths – they are like superheroes with different powers,” she continued.

“Tracy is quite a useless fighter. She has never really needed to throw a punch because she is so brill with words and mind games and that’s the way she fights. Becky can’t do mind games and isn’t very articulate.”

The actress added: “If there’s a war of words, Tracy wins and if there’s a battle of fists, Becky wins. Tracy has to avoid a fight at all costs because she knows she’ll lose and Becky has to avoid a debate.

“We’re finding that the more we do, the more interesting that duel is becoming. It’s great.”