Katy Cavanagh predicts odd Corrie maternity wear

Coronation Street star Katy Cavanagh has predicted that her screen alter ego Julie Carp may make her own maternity clothes, following news of her pregnancy.

The offbeat knicker stitcher is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a mother after falling pregnant to headteacher Brian Packham – and Katy said her alter ego would be unlikely to lose her quirky sense of style.

“I should imagine Julie will be having some very interesting maternity outfits that she can make herself,” said the 38-year-old. “That will be good fun.”

Katy – who is set to star in the Coronation Street musical Street Of Dreams – also insisted that Julie and Brian were delighted parents to be.

The couple had a difficult time after Brian – who had previously had a vasectomy – believed Julie had cheated on him, but resolved their differences after medical assurance that the operation does not always work.

“I think they’re all sorted now. They’re on cloud nine and they’re very excited about being parents,” Katy admitted. “Julie’s very, very happy, I think she’s never been this happy.

However she warned that the character’s expectations of parenthood might be too high.

“Julie just thinks Brian’s amazing, so he’s going to be this incredible father… in Julie’s head,” Katy said.

“I would imagine she is probably putting a lot of pressure on him, but I don’t think Julie would think so. As far as she’s concerned Brian is absolutely delirious about having a baby and it’s all going to be fabulous.”