Keith Duffy reveals envy of son’s pulling power

Keith Duffy has revealed that he’s slightly jealous of his teenage son Jay – because he has more fans.

The former Boyzone crooner – who is back on TV screens in Coronation Street as hunky chef Ciaran McCarthy – admitted that the 15-year-old Justin Bieber lookalike (pictured), who starred in rival soap Hollyoaks, gets all the autograph requests these days.

“He winds me up about it. He’s taller than me now – he’s 6ft 1in – and he tells me he’s better looking than me and that all the women like him more,” he told The Sun.

“In front of him I pretend it doesn’t bother me because he’d only be worse. So I say, ‘Yeah, right, you’re only a kid’. But it does worry me – nobody likes to feel they’re getting old.”

The 37-year-old added: “If I get girls running up to me now, it’s nice and makes me feel as if I still have a bit of pull – but most of the time they come up to me and say, ‘My granny loves you!'”

Keith, who is married to wife Lisa, relishes playing ladies’ man Ciaran on the ITV1 soap, because it’s worlds apart from his true self.

“He’s nothing like me, which is why I love playing him. I’ve been with my wife for 17 years, whereas Ciaran is still young, free and single,” he revealed.