Kenyan slums ’emotional rollercoaster’ for Brooke

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has revealed how much her trip to Kenya has made her appreciate life as her visit nears its end.

The soap star, who plays teenage lesbian Sophie Webster, is among some of the cast who are visiting Kenyan slums to film ITV documentary Corrie Goes To Kenya to help raise awareness about children suffering from HIV in the country.

Brooke, 20, tweeted a picture of herself playing with school children and said: “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for me… These children’s smiles mean a lot!!”

Earlier this month it was revealed Brooke had been reduced to tears by some of the things she had seen in the slums.

She and Coronation Street co-star Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw, are performing a play with the children they’ve been working with in Mombasa before they leave.

The glamorous soap star has also adapted to her surroundings during her stay.

She revealed on Twitter: “Painting my toes and just got my toes all caught up in the mosquito net! Just what I need smudged toes!!

“Just found I have a lodger in my room. A little lizard!”

Corrie Goes To Kenya will screen in July.

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