‘Kevin and Sally are right for each other’

Coronation Street‘s Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife that Sally can love Kevin again. But she’s not sure that she can really love baby Jack. So where does that leave them?

Kevin’s been Sally’s rock through the whole nightmare of Frank, the murder and her life-or-death clash with his killer mum. Now they’re getting passionate again and she’s tempted to take him back. But can she take on baby Jack, too? “Jack is a constant reminder of Kevin’s betrayal,” Sally tells Soaplife. “Would she ever really be able to love him?” If she can’t, Kevin faces the toughest choice of his life.

Is Sally recovering from the whole Frank ordeal?

“She’s on the mend. Physically she’s a lot better but emotionally the scars run deep. She put a lot of trust in Frank and gave him her heart – and he stamped all over it. Then to find out the truth about Anne, after she’d stood by her, has really made Sally question herself and her judgement.”

How supportive has Kevin been?

“Sally couldn’t have got through it without Kevin. He’s been there for her all the way, supporting her publicly and emotionally. They’ve been through so much and yet they’re still side by side.”

Is Sally falling back in love with him?

“She can see the Kevin she was married to. They’ve got so much history and really they’re so right for each other.”

They have a heart-to-heart over a bottle of wine, and what happens?

“Kevin really opens up to Sally about how he took her for granted and how much he regrets it. Sally can see how sorry he is and she kisses him.”

He stays over, too. Can Sally see them getting back together?

“It would be easy for Sally to slip back into a relationship with Kevin as she loves having him around. After the kiss they plan to have dinner the next night and Sally makes it clear to Kevin that it might be the night. She’s going with her heart but I think she still has niggling doubts about how a domestic arrangement would work with baby Jack.”

Could she accept Kevin’s son and learn to love him?

“I think it would be very hard. Jack is a constant reminder of Kevin’s affair with Molly. She knows baby Jack needs someone who can love him like a mother but I’m not sure if Sally’s confident that she can be that person. I think Sally probably has forgiven Kevin for the affair now – they’ve both made mistakes – but whether they can move forward again as a couple I don’t know.”

Would Sally ask Kevin choose between her and his son?

“I don’t think Sally would ever do that. She’s a mother herself and I don’t think she could ever ask Kevin to give up his child for her.”

What if he did, though. Could they have a future together?

“Possibly, but it would be a massive decision that would always hang over them.”