‘Kevin will bring up Jack with or without Sally’

Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell tells Soaplife that nothing will make Kevin give up his son… Even if he loses Sally for ever!

How is Kevin managing as a single dad to such a young baby?

“He’s finding it a struggle, but he adapts quite well. He’s found a creche, he’s managing to work and he’s really bonded with his son.”

What about him and Sally. Is their marriage still in total crisis?

“It’s non-existent. Sally won’t forgive Kevin and that pains him. He wants them to be a family with Jack.”

How do the girls feel about Kevin?

“At first they were on Sally’s side, but now they can see him doing a good job with Jack they’re softening a bit… Especially Sophie.”

Why did he get so angry when he believed Sally had slept with Tyrone? Don’t you think he’s in no position to pass judgement?

“While Kevin expects Sally to forgive him he wouldn’t be so forgiving if she cheated with Tyrone. He’d think she deliberately wanted to hurt him. He’s so relieved they only kissed.”

Does he hope Tyrone might one day forgive him too?

“That’s what he wants. For them to be mates and work in harmony again like they used to.”

What would he do if Sally gave him an ‘it’s me or the baby’ choice?

“It’s not a choice. Kevin’s not going to turn his back on his son. He’s all Jack’s got. I don’t think Sally would expect Kevin to abandon a baby.”

Could Sally ever forgive him enough to raise Jack as her own?

“I think it’s possible.”

Where is Kevin living?

“He’s all over the place. One minute he’s in the conservatory at the Websters’, the next he’s in a bedsit.”

Why is he threatening to sell the house from under Sally?

“It’s a way of blackmailing her. He’s saying ‘If you don’t want me back then I’ll have you out of the house.’ He doesn’t really want to throw his family out. He’s being pig-headed.”

Can he ever win Sally back?

“I think it’s possible. But he’s going to bring Jack up with or without her. It’s her choice as to whether she comes on his journey or not.”

Would you like them reunited?

“Yes, I would. But life in soaps is never that simple…”

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