Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell says Kevin wants Molly and her baby out of his life…

What went through Kevin’s mind when Molly said she was pregnant?

“He was shocked because he thought she was on the Pill. He’s also terrified this could destroy his marriage. Sally’s cancer scare made him realise how much he loves his wife.”

Does he believe the baby is his?

“He’s not 100 per cent sure as it could be Tyrone’s child. He certainly doesn’t want it to be his – he’s got a family and that’s enough for him.

When Bill finds out he asks Kevin if he is the father… How does he react?

“He’s terrified the truth might come out, but relieved he has someone to talk to.”

Does Kevin still care for Molly?

“He has no feelings for her any more. He realises now they’re not compatible and lately he’s seen her nasty side.”

Does he regret the affair?

“No because he enjoyed it. But he wants to forget all about it now. This being Corrie, though, he won’t be allowed to.”

How does he feel about Molly going back to Tyrone?

“He’s relieved. He hopes she can make Tyrone happy and keep her mouth shut too. What he’d really like though is for them to move a long, long way away.”

Do you think his feelings will change towards the baby once it’s born?

“I think it will hit him sooner than that. The more he hears about the baby, the more it will become real to him.”

What would he do if he is the dad and the truth comes out?

“The right thing. He’ll support the child.”

Would Sally be able to forgive him?

“Kevin feels certain she would leave him, but after the way he stood by her during her cancer treatment I think she might forgive him. Besides, Sally hasn’t been whiter than white herself.”

What future do you want for Kevin?

“I’d like Sally and Kevin to stay together… but I’m happy to put myself in the hands of the writers.”