Killer shock for Corrie fans as Phelan murders Andy! Who’s next?

Pat Phelan didn’t hesitate when he knew Andy had proof that he was part of the property scam. Now Andy’s dead, too

Pat Phelan [Connor McIntyre] showed Andy Carver a new meaning for “face time on the computer” when he brutally battered his head with a laptop in shocking scenes in Coronation Street on Friday night.

When Phelan watched Michael Rodwell [Les Dennis] die of heart attack, just as he was about to expose the crooked builder, it could have been argued in a court of law that he didn’t actually kill him.

There’s no such argument to be made with Andy’s murder. It was cold-blooded and calculated…and Phelan did it just before he was due to marry Eileen Grimshaw [Sue Cleaver].

“I’d like to get hitched without a hitch,” he told Andy.

coronation street, pat phelan, andy carver

Phelan doesn’t want Andy to get in the way of his marriage to Eileen

And he was going to let Andy go as long as he got rid of the laptop from Kevin’s garage that had CCTV footage of him confessing to being part of the property scam.

But Andy tried to take on the burly builder – and that was the beginning of the end for him.

He didn’t hit Phelan hard enough to keep him down. And when Phelan got up and fought back you just knew it was going to be Andy who would go down and stay down.

Getting rid of Andy’s body made Phelan late for the ceremony – but not too late.

coronation street, pat phelan, andy carver

Phelan can’t let Andy go, not now he knows the truth

Eileen is now Mrs Phelan and blissfully unaware that when she kissed her new husband she was kissing a killer.

The thing is, Phelan had to get rid of Andy’s body quickly – maybe too quickly to properly cover up his crime. He used Andy’s phone to text Steph Britton [Tisha Merry], who was waiting at the airport to fly to Portugal with Andy, where they planned to start a new life.

“You’re better off without me,” was the message she got.

And Steph believed it and left without him, thinking Andy had gone to a mate’s place in Bristol.

So that’s what people will think. They won’t know he’s dead. Not yet, anyway.

“Obviously Michael was Phelan’s first victim inadvertently, as far as the fact that he didn’t help him, he left him there!,” says Oliver Farnworth, who played Andy. “So Andy goes up against him to avenge Michael’s death and he does his best – he tries! But I feel honoured to be on the list of his victims and one of his first.”

Ah, that sounds like there will be more…

The flat where Andy was murdered belongs to Jason, Eileen’s son.

Eileen will want to rent it out again. What if she finds evidence of foul play? Will Phelan kill her, too?

And while all that killing was going on there were signs of another imminent death…that of Sinead and Chesney’s relationship. Love can be as brutal as Phelan.

coronation street, sinead tinker, chesney brown

Sinead thinks she and Chesney should split up!

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, January 23, 7.30pm.


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