‘Kirk doesn’t feel worthy of Beth and wants to run away,’ says Corrie’s Andy Whyment

Coronation Street’s Andy Whyment reveals to Soaplife why Kirk’s having second thoughts about marrying Beth

Kirk Sutherland isn’t the boldest of blokes and, as his wedding to Beth approaches, he’s really getting the jitters.He is an absolute bag of nerves and is convinced it will go wrong – he’s just not coping,” Andy says. Then, when Beth’s family arrive and are distinctly unimpressed with their girl’s choice of bridegroom, it’s the final straw for poor Kirky. . . 

What happens when Kirk meets Beth’s family? 

“They mistake Jason [Ryan Thomas] for Kirk and are very excited. When they realise it’s Kirk that Beth [Lisa George] is marrying, they’re clearly disappointed. Kirk’s really hurt, even though Beth tries to convince them Kirk is the best thing ever to happen to her. Kirk’s still very upset at his stag do, with Tyrone [Alan Halsall], Luke [Dean Fagan], Craig [Colson Smith] and Chesney [Sam Aston], and he starts to feel unworthy. He tells the stags he doesn’t think he can go ahead with the wedding.”

Does Beth have any idea Kirk’s got cold feet?

“No. She loves him to bits and she would be very upset if she knew he was feeling so bad about himself as a result of her family’s reaction.”

Will he jilt his bride? 

“He wants to run as he doesn’t feel worthy, but in his heart of hearts he would never do that to Beth. She’s the love of his life, his soul mate…”

What was it like filming Kirk and Beth’s big day?

“It’s fun at first, when you have to dress up, but by week three of filming the novelty of fancy dress has certainly worn off. I was pleased when I heard it was going to 1980s-themed, though. It’s perfect for Beth and Kirk and hopefully will stand out from other weddings.”

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