Coronation Street stars Michelle Keegan and Natalie Gumede have teased that the battle between their characters is set to continue.

According to the pair, the feud between barmaid Tina McIntyre – played by Michelle – and police officer Kirsty Soames (Natalie) is set to heat up, with the situation reaching a disastrous climax.

“She has got a nasty streak to her, Kirsty, and Tina knows that Kirsty has got it in for her and she’s going to hurt her the only way she can – through the law,” Michelle told Coronation Street‘s official website.

“When Tina confronts Kirsty, Kirsty pretends she knows nothing about it, but eventually Tina pushes her buttons too far and Kirsty breaks and admits she has been playing Tina and Rita with the police – and Tyrone overhears,” she added.

After Tyrone (Alan Halsall) gives her marching orders, a bitter Kirsty takes to her police car in hot pursuit of Tina and Tyrone, which soon leads to life-threatening consequences as the cop ends up in hospital after she crashes into their car.

“Kirsty is in a bad way, but not in a critical way. Seeing her unconscious in the car makes him relive all his feelings for her. The crash makes Tyrone realise his feelings for Kirsty and how much he has missed her,” Michelle continued.

But with her character finding out about her pregnancy, Natalie teased: “Things are set to get a lot crazier for them all at NO 9 for sure!”