Kylie engineers a great opportunity for Freddie Smith in Corrie

Following the death of his wife, Sadie, last year, Freddie Smith (Derek Griffiths) has been moping around with too much time on his hands in Coronation Street.

Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) took pity on the retired mechanic, and she’s been keeping an eye out for him as a friend ever since.

Next week, she has an idea to help him even more. Will it give Freddie a boost?


Following a game of darts in the Rovers, Freddie’s touched when Kylie invites him back to No 8 to help her put the kids to bed.


Later, Kylie sees garage boss Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) rushed off his feet and it gives her an idea.


Kylie tells Kevin about Freddie’s previous career as a mechanic and she asks if he could give him a part-time job… Will Kevin agree?

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