Corrie’s Tina O’Brien: ‘Sarah’s terrified Todd will land them all in it with the police!’

Coronation Street drama as Sarah Platt confesses to Todd that Kylie killed Callum. Tina O'Brien reveals what happens

Corrie’s Sarah Platt is devastated to discover Todd thinks she killed Callum…so she confesses everything! Tina O’Brien explains to Soaplife what happens…

Why is Todd convinced Sarah killed Callum?
“Sarah really wasn’t well at all when she initially spoke to Todd [Bruno Langley] about Callum. So, while she never said outright that she killed Callum, a lot of what she said could easily have been interpreted the wrong way. She can’t believe that Todd thinks she’s a killer, though and tells him she isn’t.”

And then Todd immediately thinks David must be the killer. Why?
“He jumps to a natural conclusion. If it wasn’t Sarah but Sarah knew all about it, then Todd assumes it must have been David [Jack P Shepherd]. Todd also knows what David is like. Todd just gets lost in the fury of it all and, once he has it in his head that it was David, he can’t see past it.”

So Sarah tells Todd the truth?
“His behaviour forces her to. On the day of Kylie’s funeral, Todd is like a dog with a bone. He follows David and Sarah to the house after the funeral and he just won’t stop getting at David, accusing him of killing Callum [Sean Ward] and telling him that Jason [Ryan Thomas] left because he believed his father, Tony [Terence Maynard], was a murderer.”

Is that what forces Sarah to intervene?
“Sarah’s worried what this might do to David and she knows he’d never betray Kylie [Paula Lane] by telling Todd the truth. Sarah can’t take it and, in a blind panic, she blurts it out.”

How does she feel afterwards?
“Part of her feels like a weight has been lifted, while the other half of her feels incredibly guilty because it was Kylie who saved her from Callum. She also panics, thinking Todd will go to the police and land them all in it. Sarah knows the family wouldn’t be able to take any more blows.”

What does Todd do?
“For so long, he thought it was Sarah, then David. Killer Kylie never crossed his mind so he’s completely stunned. They beg him not to go to the police, but Todd refuses to make any promises. He thinks he needs to do what is right.”

Coronation Street, ITV