‘Kylie’s back – and so is David’s dark side,’ warns Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife that David’s stunned – and angry – when missing wife Kylie reappears…

David threw Kylie out last Christmas, when it was clear she couldn’t resist the drugs. But he’s been looking for her ever since. So what happens when she comes knocking at No 8?

“David doesn’t say anything when he first opens the door,” Jack says. “He’s stunned to see Kylie [Paula Lane] and just stares, but then she comes in and they immediately have an argument.”

Had David resigned himself to never seeing Kylie again?
“No. In fact, he’s on the phone to Missing Persons when she arrives. He opens the door and there she is.”

Kylie swears she’s off drugs. Does David believe her?
“He doesn’t know what to believe. She says she’s been in London, but he doesn’t know what she’s been doing there. Has she been taking drugs, been with another guy or getting clean? He takes every thing she says with a pinch of salt.”

Can David forgive her for disappearing?
“Eventually, maybe, but it’s going to take time. She left him in a world of pain, bringing up both kids and trying to work as well.”

How do the kids react to her?
“They’re overwhelmed and she gives them a hug and a kiss and says, ‘I’ve missed you!’.”

Then she finds out Callum has access to Max…
“She’s surprised and is like, ‘What’s going on?’ David says, ‘You don’t know, do you? He’s got access to him, it’s all your fault. He wouldn’t have access if you’d been here’. Kylie thinks it’s a really bad thing.”

Does she want David back?
“Yes, she wants to start again as a family. But David says, ‘Right, we’ll pretend to be a family so it looks good in court, but we’re not getting back together. I’m just pretending we are for the sake of the kids’. David’s worried he’ll lose Max if he and Kylie don’t seem like they’re back together.”

But Kylie wants more…
“She begs him to take her back and she’s over the moon when he says she can move back in. Then David says, ‘Whoa, we’re not completely back on track. I’m doing it for the kids, surely that’s obvious?’ He tells her he can’t do this any more. It’s too destructive. He might change his mind, but he needs to see she’s really committed and means what she says.”

And Callum (Sean Ward)?
“He tells David he’s mad to get back with Kylie and says she’ll never change. David knows what he’s doing, though, and his dark side is about to re-emerge!”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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