Kylie shows who’s boss!

Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane tells Soaplife that Kylie has big plans for her and David and one setback won’t be stopping her…

What attracts Kylie to David?

“There’s a real connection there. They’re quite similar and, of course, Kylie thinks David might be a bit of a meal ticket as he’s told her he owns a hairdressing salon in Weatherfield.”

Does she really love him?

“I think she does. It’s that teenage lust thing. They’ve got caught up in it.”

Why did she say yes to David’s sudden marriage proposal?

“I don’t think Kylie imagined any man would ever ask her to marry him. She sees this as a chance to better herself.”

How does she feel about being back on the Street?

“She likes the fact everyone is really wound up by their engagement. But she’s not too happy about having to live with Gail.”

How does she feel when she sees Max?

“She has conflicting emotions. She hasn’t come to get him back because she knows he’s safe with Becky. But when she sees him she feels quite tense. She didn’t realise how much she’d miss him when she gave him to Becky.”

Will Kylie and David be good together?

“They’ll be interesting. They’re both quite easily led and will do anything if there’s something in it for them. They’ll probably get up to all sorts of trouble together. But there’s also a really sweet tenderness between them.”

How does Kylie react when she finds out David lied and the salon belongs to Audrey and not him?

“She slaps David and calls him ‘Phony and Guy’. She’s angry but she still sees an opportunity for herself. She’s got big ideas for the salon and can see that one day it will be David’s.”

Does he get her that job he promised?

“It’s not his to give her but I think Audrey and Gail would rather have Kylie busy at work than hanging around the house. I think there’s even a chance she might start to enjoy the work.”

What happens when one of Audrey’s elderly clients dies in the salon?

“Kylie isn’t there but she knows Audrey starts thinking about the future of the business. Kylie wants it to go to David so she can make her mark on the place.”

When will the wedding be?

“Quite soon. I can’t wait. I’ve only been in the soap for six months and I’m about to have a soap wedding!”