Coronation Street’s Paula Lane tells Soaplife that Kylie may not be a good one but she, not Becky, is Max’s mum…

Why is Kylie’s son Max in care? What did she do?

“She fell in with the wrong crowd. She was drinking with his dad and not looking after him. She does love Max but because she’s young and naive and because she couldn’t handle motherhood he’s in foster care.”

Why does she snatch him from his birthday party at his foster parents’ house?

“She wants him back. She might not be a great mother but she couldn’t bear to lose him. Her family let her down and she doesn’t want to do the same to Max. The snatching is a spur-of-the-moment thing.”

Where does she go?

“She only gets as far as The Rovers. The foster parents call the police and Becky makes Kylie see this is the wrong way to get Max back.”

Does Becky have a better plan then?

“Kylie’s due in court to decide Max’s future so Becky announces The Rovers is now Kylie’s official home to give her the best possible chance to get Max out of care. Kylie’s really grateful to Becky.”

So why does she risk everything by having a wild night with Gary on the eve of the hearing?

“She wants to have fun. She’s only 20 and she wants to be doing what other girls her age are doing. She’s with Gary, she’s tipsy and she wants to have sex with him. But she’s still drunk the next morning…”

Does she manage to make it to the hearing?

“Only just and only thanks to Becky. She’s furious with Kylie and calls her a selfish cow. Kylie isn’t really remorseful… in fact she’s cocky about it. But when Becky walks away and says: ‘That’s it!’ Kylie follows and they do make it to court.”

How does the hearing go?

“It goes well because Becky makes this wonderful speech on behalf of Kylie.”

How does she feel about Becky?

“She loves her sister but still feels resentful that she left home when she was only eight. Becky was like a mother to Kylie.”

How will Kylie feel if she is allowed to have Max?

“She’ll be really pleased but she’ll take advantage of Becky’s feelings for him. She can see how much Becky wants a child to look after…”