Coronation Street’s Paula Lane tells Soaplife that Kylie’s heading to a bad place when she’s reunited with Max’s charming bad-lad dad, Callum…

Kylie Platt is still convinced her son Max’s ADHD must be genetic – and, if he didn’t get it from her genes, then he must have got it from his birth father, Callum. So Kylie goes back to her old stomping ground to look for her ex. “She does it for the right reasons. But as soon as she sees Callum, there’s immediately the old chemistry between them,” Paula reveals to Soaplife. “She’s excited to see him and she can’t help thinking back to the days when she and Callum ruled the estate. Will Kylie be able to resist Callum’s charms – and anything else he has to offer?

Does Kylie still fancy Callum?

“There’s some desire still there. She does get a kick out of being with him again.”

Does she feel guilty about David (Jack P Shepherd)?

“Yes. She’s desperate to cling onto the life she now has, but she can’t help feel the past pulling at her.”

How does Callum react to seeing Kylie again?

“His eyes light up because she’s on his patch again. He’s inquisitive about Max, but she wants to keep that issue separate.”

But she asks him about ADHD?

“Callum’s the same cocky and arrogant soul he ever was. His reply is, ‘I can read and do sums. He wouldn’t do bad taking after me’. She doesn’t get the answers she wants.”

Does she tell Callum (Sean Ward) about David?

“She tells him she’s married to a hairdresser, who’s adopted Max. But this doesn’t go down very well. Callum knows he doesn’t have much to offer as a dad.”

What happens next?

“Kylie goes back to the Street, vowing to be a better wife to David.”

Can she keep that up?

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she found herself going back to see Callum again. I don’t think she’d end up sleeping with Callum – but there may well be something else she wants from him.”


“You’ll have to wait and see. But Kylie’s not in a great place at the moment, which is why she took Max’s medication when she was feeling desperate. Callum’s a drug dealer, so he’ll be able to supply them if it’s drugs Kylie wants.”

Kylie’s clearly on a downward spiral… How bad is it going to get?

“Ultimately we’ll see her in the darkest place she’s ever found herself in.”

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