Kym and Jack Ryder to give it another go?

Kym and Jack Ryder may still save their five-year marriage.

The Coronation Street star split from the ex-EastEnders actor earlier this month, but a friend close to the couple told New magazine their friends are hopeful of a reunion.

The source said: “It’s not the first time they’ve split – there have been at least two major bust-ups in the past. As nobody else is involved and they are still friends, I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave it another go. I’m sure the kids will want to keep seeing Jack and he’s hopeful that they can work it out.”

Kym, 31, has two children David, 12, and Emily, 10, from a previous relationship.

Friends claimed their split was a huge shock as in January they went on a romantic break together where they seemed very much in love.

The source revealed: “Jack and Kym took themselves off to a secluded hotel in Hertfordshire for a few days.

“It’s where they first got together back in 2001. They also had their wedding breakfast there, so it obviously held a lot of special memories.

“They certainly didn’t look like a couple trying to salvage their relationship. They went for walks in the grounds, ate in the restaurant and even posed for pictures for fans. They looked like a couple in love and it’s a real shock that they’ve split.”

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