Coronation Street star Kym Marsh has banned her children from watching an episode of the soap as it shows her character spitting on murderer Tony Gordon.

During the businessman’s murder trial, Michelle shouts and spits at him after he smiles at her son, The Sun has reported.

She yells: “Don’t you dare smile at my son, you filthy murderer.

“And don’t ever, ever look at any of our family again. We want you to rot in hell.

“I spit on you, murderer!”

But Kym is concerned about her 12-year-old daughter Emily and 14-year-old son Ryan seeing the spitting which is counted as common assault in the UK.

The Coronation Street actress told The Sun: “That’s one episode that I’ll certainly be banning my kids from watching.

“It’s hardly a good example to set them.”

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