Kym Marsh: I’m excited for the fireworks between my Corrie boys!

Kym Marsh is up for the clash between her Coronation Street sons

Kym Marsh has revealed she’s looking forward to the titanic clash ahead in Coronation Street between Michelle’s two sons.

Next week Ryan Connor – the lad Michelle raised as her own but isn’t biologically hers – returns to the cobbles and locks horns with her biological son, Ali [James Burrows], who thinks Ryan is an idiot!

And although Michelle would like them all to get on, the 41-year-old actress is looking forward to it kicking off between the boys!

“Michelle, of course, would want them to be a happy family, but Kym’s excited for the fireworks,” she revealed.

Michelle stands in the background, as Ryan chats to Robert

Michelle has a soft spot for Ryan

So, how does Kym feel about Ryan’s [played by Ryan Prescott] return to Weatherfield?

“She’s delighted. He’s her boy and she loves him. He’s been away for quite a while but they’ve had lots of conversations off screen, and they pretty much pick up where they left off. He’s always been a bit of trouble, and that’s exactly what he is when he comes back!”

And Kym says Michelle is torn between her two sons.

“She is very aware that the last time Ali and Ryan met, they didn’t like each other, so she doesn’t want to upset Ali. But equally, she’s not going to ignore Ryan. So she feels caught in the middle, especially because Ryan causes problems for Ali from the off.

“They’re like Cain and Abel, and they’re both insecure for different reasons. Michelle is concerned about that, and by the fact they don’t like each other and aren’t hiding it.”

Both James and Ryan call Kym “mama,” so does Kym behave like a mum to them in real life?

“I do a little bit; I have that maternal thing. I’m like that with Lucy Fallon [Bethany] as well. James is getting more of it than Ryan at the moment because he’s been here longer. I try to make sure he’s all right, but that’s just my nature.”

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