Kym Marsh: ‘I’m loving being back’

Coronation Street‘s Kim Marsh tells TV Times magazine about her return to work and looking after her beautiful new baby girl…

Can you tell us a bit about Michelle coming back onto the cobbles this week?

“She’s the feisty character she was when she first arrived in the show! Michelle tells Carla to go to LA and takes over at the factory. She’s being very strong, so there is no way I could return from my maternity leave and go in all bleary-eyed!”

How have you been coping with seven-month-old baby, Polly?

“She’s teething at the moment! I had to get my act together very quickly to go back to work, which meant drinking a lot of coffee. Polly still isn’t sleeping through and I don’t think she will until she stops teething!”

Was it a tough pregnancy?

“It was horrendous. I was in and out of hospital the whole time and it was really stressful. They knew Polly would be early which was good because everybody was ready for it. She was born seven weeks too soon and if I hadn’t been looked after like I was, she’d have been here a lot earlier. It’s thanks to the care I had that there were no complications with her.”

That’s great to hear. Michelle’s on a high, too, when she turns up with Ciaran and announces that they are engaged to be married!

“They are very much in love, very committed to each other. The plan was to go back to the cruise ship, but when Michelle finds out what has happened to Carla, she wants to stay and help.”

How does it feel to be back in Corrie?

“I’m thrilled. During my first couple of weeks, the lines would go in my head and then straight out again! I’m back into it now though and I’m loving it. It’s great to see all my friends again.”

And how do you feel about Keith Duffy leaving the show?

“I will miss everything about Keith. He’s been so easy to work with as we really get on well. I won’t tell you how he is going, but it does look as if Michelle’s relationship is in danger of being touched by the hand of the Connors. Everything they touch turns rotten. You have to feel sorry for her!”