Kym Marsh: ‘Michelle now knows why Ryan’s changed’

Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh talks to Soaplifeabout how Michelle faces every mother’s nightmare when she realises Ryan is hooked on drugs!

Ryan’s been nothing but trouble since he returned, but Michelle doesn’t see it, does she?

“At first, Michelle doesn’t realise just how much Ryan has changed and the trouble he is causing. She is so happy to have him back, expecting him to be the same person he always was. But over time she begins to realise he’s not. When she does, she struggles to cope and is not sure what to do.”

So how does Michelle find out Ryan is doing drugs?

“From David. Ryan and Kylie strike up a friendship and he offers her drugs, but she refuses and tells David, who goes ballistic and tells Michelle.”

Does Michelle believe David?

“Initially, no. But then she catches Ryan taking cocaine in the loos at The Rovers… She wants to kill him! She is so angry and ashamed, especially as he seems more concerned about the drugs he drops than the fact he has been caught.”

She’s desperate to get through to Ryan. How desperate?

“I think the fact that he isn’t responding to her makes her feel completely helpless. She is in a state of panic and doesn’t know what else to do, so she calls the police to report him.”

Does Michelle think Ryan has a drug problem?

“She wants to believe it was a one-off, but she knows it’s serious by the way he reacts when he drops the drugs. Michelle loses all trust in him and even cuts up his credit cards. I think her biggest fear is that he is putting himself in real danger, risking everything, including his life. For the first time since his return, she truly realises how much he has changed and now she knows why.”