Kym Marsh has taken me under her wing, says Corrie newbie James Burrows

James has said Ali is not all he seems...

Coronation Street newcomer James Burrows has revealed that his screen mum Kym Marsh has been “great” since he joined the soap.

James plays Michelle’s (Kym Marsh) biological son Alex “Ali” Neeson and while the pair are having problems on screen, off it James has told us Kym has taken him under wing.

Here James Burrows has spoken about working with Kym Marsh and what’s in store for Ali….

How mean are you going to be to Michelle? She’s trying her best, she’s cooked you a vegan curry etc!

James Burrows: “For now, he’s very standoffish with her. He hasn’t seen her for 10 years, and there’s a question of why… they made some contact a few years ago but he’s been away doing his thing, he’s been away at medical school and he’s come back, says he’s doing a placement – but is he?! But he’s going to be very standoffish with her for a while I think, but in the next few weeks we’ll see all that unfold. “

Is it going to get worse?

JB: “No, I wouldn’t say it’s going to get worse, I think there’s going to be a point where they make amends.”

What’s the welcome been like from Kym?

JB “I’ve got to say everyone’s been very welcoming, Kym especially, she’s taken me under her wing a little bit. A lot of my scenes are with her so she’s been great, she’s a really nice woman.”

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How did they pitch the character to you, how did they describe him?

JB: “I think generally he’s a nice guy, he’s a normal lad but he might have a slightly darker side the way he’s being with Michelle at the moment. He wasn’t pitched as a baddie. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, a bit of swagger, bit of attitude. He’s got some issues but I think all round he’s an alright guy.”

Will Ali have his eye on any ladies?

JB: “Potentially yes, not immediately. Firstly it’s more about the family dynamic and whether or not they can build their family connection up again.”

He says that the relationship with Wendy, the mum who brought him up, is not great – but in future episodes, Wendy comes to the street and it’s clear he has been lying. Why?

JB: “There’s a lot of things that I can’t really say right now. All is not as it seems. Did he orchestrate coming to the street? He claims he had no choice. He says it’s a placement but he might have an ulterior motive. It will all unfold in the next couple of weeks.”

We know that Ryan Connor is coming back – how will Ali feel about that?

JB: “I think there’s a lot of hatred there actually, and maybe some sort of jealousy as well. I think he might be slightly jealous of Ryan, it will be a bit Cain and Abel.”

Does Robert play a role in trying to win Ali round?

JB: “I think everyone tries to get Ali to come to terms and speak to Michelle, so everyone tries little ways to get into his space. He’s brilliant with everyone else – Steve and Robert and so – but he’s holding her off, so he’s a bit cruel at first.”

Should Michelle be worried?

JB: “No. I think she’s shocked to see him and emotional, excited. A lot of emotions are going off for her.”

Has Ali been in contact with Ryan off screen?

JB: “Not that we know of, no.”

Does Michelle regret how things were left with Ali?

JB: “Yes, she is definitely feeling rather upset about the whole situation; seeing him face to face brings a lot of emotion back. Right now, he’s not letting her in but that’s not to say that things won’t get better maybe in the future. He’s going to make her work for it…”

Coronation Street continues tonight a 7.30pm.

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