Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh tells Soaplife that Michelle’s gutted she might lose Ciaran… but will she tell him?

It’s been obvious Ciaran has fancied Michelle for months and we can’t work out why she’s been resisting him. Now Kym reveals she hasn’t… She’s just been hiding her feelings to protect herself. “Ciaran has a reputation as a bit of a player and Michelle’s not after a casual relationship,” she said. “She’s strongly attracted to him, but has resisted because he doesn’t seem like the sort of person who wants to settle down.” Oh, for goodness sake, woman, go for it!

If Michelle’s been putting Ciaran off because she doesn’t want to end up with a broken heart that must mean she really, really does like him…
“Oh, she does. She thinks he’s fab. I think she could easily fall in love with him… and that’s what she’s scared of.”

We know Ciaran’s history of being a flirt, but he really does seem to only have eyes for Michelle recently. Why won’t she give him a chance?
“To give Ciaran his due, he has chased her for about eight months now without giving up. And yet Michelle’s still not at all sure that he’s being genuine with her.”

What does she want from him then?
“I don’t think he’s been 100 per cent clear about his feelings for her. People keep telling her to give him a chance, but the men in her life have either let her down or died. Also Michelle is one of those people who has to work things out for herself.”

Then Ciaran tells her he has a job interview in Scotland. Is this a wake-up call for Michelle?
“It is. She’s gutted, but doesn’t show it. She tells herself that if he’s bothering to go for a job interview in Scotland then he can’t be that interested in her. That’s it. It’s over. She was obviously just a bit of fun for him.”

Liz sees through her and urges Michelle to tell him how she feels. Will she listen?
“She admits she’s devastated he’s going, but tells Liz she can’t tell Ciaran she has feelings for him because she’s too afraid of getting hurt. Steve broke her heart.”

What could break down her barriers?
“Ciaran would have to give Michelle a very strong indication that he’s really keen on having a serious relationship with her.”

We think they’d make a good couple. Do you?
“Yes, as long as he wasn’t philandering. It would be nice to explore a relationship between them. It would be fun…”