When Michelle is told that Ryan isn’t her son all the wishes in the world can’t put Christmas back together again, says Coronaton Street star Kym Ryder

Why would this Nick make the claim that Ryan is not her son? What has made him think he is Ryan’s dad? “Lloyd finds out where Nick lives for her and she heads over to the house with Liam. But the minute the door opens all her hopes of putting an end to her torment die as she sets eyes on Nick’s ‘son’ Alex… He’s the spitting image of her late partner Dean. She’s totally stunned and runs off. She can’t make any sense of how this boy could look like her dead lover and she has to know…’

So she goes back to the house and demands some answers from Nick.
“And that’s when he drops the bombshell that he believes their sons were swapped at birth! That Ryan is actually his son and that Alex is her and Dean’s child. Nick explains he knows this because Alex was taken ill and needed a parent to act as a donor. As a result it came to light that neither Nick nor Alex’s mum Wendy could be his birth parents. Nick then hired a private detective who’s told him that Alex and Ryan, who were born in the same hospital at the same time, were very likely mixed up.”

Does she believe him?
“She doesn’t say so to Nick, but after seeing Alex she can’t ignore what she’s been told. She absolutely refuses to believe it, but later with Steve she bursts into tears. She’s so scared and begs him to keep it all a secret from Ryan.”

But however much she tries to deny it to herself, Nick isn’t going to give up now. Is he?
“His new wife, Maggie, turns up at the Rovers and tells Michelle the only way she can be sure Ryan is her son is to do a DNA test. She tells Michelle that Nick will stay away from Ryan while she thinks about it… But Michelle knows that means he won’t stay away from him forever.”

So will she take the test?
“She tries to tell herself that she’s certain Ryan is her son and a test won’t change that. But really she’s scared. As for Alex, she won’t allow herself to think about him. Over Christmas she makes out to Liam and Steve that everything’s fine, but it clearly isn’t. She’s worried sick about Nick getting to Ryan and telling him his ‘lies’. It’s all really horrible for her… She just wants it all to go away.”

But we can reveal not even Santa can work that Christmas miracle…