Leanne gets her man!

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson reveals after Leanne ruins Peter’s proposal it’s down to her to do the asking…

Leanne and Peter have had more downs than ups… What’s changed?

“They’ve been through a lot with the bar, Peter’s drinking and Simon disappearing but it’s brought them much closer together. She’s standing by him. She even gave up the bar because she wanted Peter in her life more than a business venture.”

Leanne says she’d like to be a real mum to Simon… Does she want to adopt him?

“She’d like to. Her mum left when she was little and Janice came to her rescue. Leanne wants to be as good at being a mum and she is. All she’s ever wanted is the family set-up she has with Peter and Simon.”

Her talk of family gives Peter an idea… Does she have any clue he’s planning to propose to her?

“Not at all and it goes horribly wrong. Peter gets all secretive and when Janice mentions she’s seen him with Michelle, Leanne jumps to the wrong conclusion and accuses him of cheating on her in the middle of Ken and Deirdre’s anniversary party. Peter has to explain he was going to propose and Michelle was helping him choose the ring. Leanne’s gutted that she’s ruined the moment.”

She decides to recreate it though… What does she do?

“She invites everyone back to The Rovers, apologises, gets down on one knee and asks ‘Will you marry me?’ Peter says ‘I will if you will.’ It’s very romantic.”

Will they be happy together?

“I hope so. On paper Leanne and Peter are a couple of ‘not rights’ but when they’re together it works.”

Will she want to have kids with Peter?

“Not immediately. They need to make sure Peter’s really off the booze first. Also when a character in Corrie has a young child they can’t be filmed living it up in The Rovers any more, so I hope they put it off for a while. Otherwise it would be like a home from home for me because I’ve got two small boys myself.”