Coronation Street’s Jane Danson tells Soaplife Leanne could lose both Nick and Peter when her affair puts them both in danger of the death tram…

It’s just days to Leanne’s wedding and she’s still cheating with Nick. Should she be calling it off?
“She does love Peter. She feels safe and secure with him. They’ve created this family unit with Simon – and Leanne has the home life she craves. But when she’s with Nick she gets a taste of the fast life and she’s the Leanne of old.”

It seems like she wants more than a taste. Has she really fallen in love with Nick again?
“When she’s with him it stirs up all the old emotions and she gets carried away. But it’s never a good idea to go back. It went wrong for them 10 years ago for a reason.”

It’s also not a good idea to have confided in Carla who fancies Peter herself… Will she expose the affair?”
“Leanne thinks she can trust her. But Carla’s capable of manipulating Nick to the point where he’d tell Peter himself.”

He might not have to after Ken catches them at it in The Joinery. Does Leanne know that Ken knows?
“She does when he confronts her. He asks her to look him in the eye and tell him it’s never going to happen again. She vows it won’t and begs him not to tell Peter. She swears it was a big mistake and it’s Peter she loves. But she’s terrified Ken is going to blurt out the truth.”

Has she also considered the effect it would have on Simon?
“Leanne loves Simon and wants to be his mum and she’s thrilled when Peter suggests she adopts him. But she feels horribly guilty because of what she’s doing behind Peter’s back. She knows it would shatter Simon if she broke up their little family.”

And then Nick begs Leanne to marry him instead. Who will she choose?
“She insists she’s sticking with Peter, but Nick turns up at her hen do and makes a final plea then heads off to talk to Peter at his stag do at The Joinery. Ken sees him and drags Leanne with him to try to stop Nick.”

And that’s when the tram crashes?
“That’s when a huge explosion tears through The Joinery. The tram comes next. Peter and Nick are left buried under the debris – and Peter’s in a bad way…”