Leanne’s at her wits’ end when Simon steals vodka on Corrie (PHOTOS)

Life’s been tough for 12-year-old Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) lately, what with the tragic deaths of his Grandma Deirdre and parental figure Kal Nazir, not to mention finding out his stepmum, Leanne (Jane Danson), used to be a prostitute when her former client, Dan Jones, held them hostage in their Coronation Street home….

Simon’s become increasingly moody… and increasingly more violent towards Leanne. But how much further will he go when he gets drunk for the first time?


When Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) calls round to the flat, a grumpy Simon plays on his video games, but Leanne doesn’t let on about his latest violent outburst earlier in the day…

Having been banned by Leanne from going to football practice with his mates, an enraged Simon kicked her hard in the leg.


When Simon’s out of the way, Zeedan’s curiosity is piqued when he sees the bruise on Leanne’s leg, but she explains it away by lying that she walked into the dishwasher door.


When Simon returns home, he apologises to Leanne and tells her that sometimes he can’t control his temper. Leanne tries to hide her concern.


In a bid to smooth things over with Simon, Leanne suggests he invites his friends for lunch at the Bistro, and she’s pleased when he appears to be enjoying himself.


As time goes on, however, Leanne becomes concerned and suspicious as Simon and his mates become more raucous…


What Leanne doesn’t realise is that Simon has stolen a bottle of vodka from behind the bar and is secretly sharing it around the table.


Leanne’s horrified when she discovers the empty vodka bottle under the table…


As waitress Steph Britton (Tisha Merry) takes the boys’ remaining drinks away from them, poor Leanne is at her wits’ end.


She’s disappointed that drunk Simon has let his friends down and thrown her good gesture back in her face.


Leanne’s patience with Simon’s behaviour has worn thin and she doesn’t have time for his excuses… But will a drunk Simon have even less control over his violent outbursts? You’ll get all the answers when the scenes screen on Coronation Street, ITV, from Monday, August 10.