Leanne’s baby secret?

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson reveals that Leanne is back for Peter… but she could have a huge baby secret!

Where has Leanne been while you’ve been away on maternity leave?

“Working as a manager in an Italian restaurant in Leeds.”

Has she changed in that time?

“She’s put being a bad girl behind her, got on with things and had a relationship with this man who worked at the restaurant. Leanne makes out to Peter it was some big love affair but it wasn’t.”

How does she run into Peter again?

“He comes into her restaurant with Simon and she takes their order. Peter apologises for the past and asks her to come home with him.”

Is she tempted?

“She lies that she’s got a boyfriend and tells Peter he’s already wrecked her life once and she’s not coming back.”

Peter’s gutted and tells Blanche how he failed to win Leanne back. But Leanne changes her mind…

“She turns up in Weatherfield in a cab. She makes out that she’s come to see Janice but Janice doesn’t believe her. Truth is, Leanne’s come back for Peter…”

So they’re back on just like that?

“Not quite. They go for lunch and Leanne’s really impressed by how Peter is coping and dealing with his drinking. They start talking about relationships, but she walks out when he says he’s been living like a monk since she left. She knows he’s lying…”

But Peter realises his mistake…

“He then admits he has seen other women. Leanne asks ‘Anybody I know?’ and he says ‘No.’ Leanne accepts his invite to dinner and Peter tells her how much he loves her and they spend the night together.”

In fact she does know one of his ‘other women’ – namely Michelle. Will it bother her when she finds out?

“She’ll see it as a massive betrayal that he hasn’t told her when he could have. Peter has told Leanne so many lies in the past she’ll wonder if he’s changed at all – and if she can ever trust him.”

Would you like Peter and Leanne to become a proper couple?

“I would. They understand each other. I’d like to see them make a go of it.”

Does Leanne want children?

“I can see her wanting to settle down and be a mum. She loves having Simon around. But

I think it would be really interesting if it turned out that she couldn’t have kids of her own…”

How does it feel to be back?

“It’s great, although I am slightly potty through having no sleep. It’s hard leaving my boys Harry and Sam – but I think all working mothers feel that guilt.”

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