Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby is enjoying flashing the cash – until Janice finds out it’s dirty money! Jane Danson reveals all…

It turns out Leanne’s money is coming from a very dubious source. What’s she up to?
“She’s a call girl… as in she dates men for money.”

Is it just dating or is sex involved too?
“I’m afraid it is. It doesn’t bother her – it’s a way of making money and Leanne is a person who does what she has to do to survive.”

Janice doesn’t see it that way when she finds out though…
“No. She’s shocked that Leanne is on the game!”

And how does she find out?
“Leanne tells her she’s working at a property exhibition and Janice wants to see her in action. She goes to this hotel expecting to see Leanne give a talk but instead sees her disappear upstairs with an older man. And when she reappears she sees her slip the concierge some cash.”

What does Janice do?
“She storms over and demands to know what sort of job Leanne is really doing!”

And does Leanne confess?
“She tries to deny it claiming she’s an escort. But eventually she admits that men pay her for sex.”

Does Janice try to stop her?
“Janice is furious that Leanne’s come to this and orders her out of the house if she won’t stop. But she can’t see it through.”

Does Leanne agree to stop?
“Not at all. She tells Janice that she won’t give up escorting. With her it’s ‘My way or the highway.’

Why won’t she give it up?
“It’s easy money and Leanne doesn’t see the harm in it. She detaches herself from it and views it like any work. The trouble with Leanne is she’s a woman with a mental age of 15. Janice tells her it’s dangerous but Leanne is sure she can look after herself.”

How long has Leanne been on the game?
“It’s something she got into in Spain. She met this guy who she really liked and they slept together. Afterwards he gave her money which she viewed as a bonus.”

Does Leanne want it kept secret?
“She’d rather the whole Street didn’t find out but she’s never been one to worry about what other people think.”

What about Liam? Would she stop for him if he found out?
“If she thought things could really work with Liam she wouldn’t need the money so much. And she’d love the chance to laud it over everybody at the factory again.”

What’s made her so ruthless?
“She’s a product of her upbringing. Les and Janice have been in and out of prison and although Janice is close to Leanne, she’s not her real mum. She came along when Leanne was nine or 10 and her real mum Babs left when she was three. Nobody set boundaries or disciplined her.”

Where is her real mum?
“She’s still alive but I don’t know where she is. Which means she could appear at any moment… which would be great fun!”