Les Dennis: Nick, David and Kylie ruin my fresh start in Corrie

Coronation Street star Les Dennis says Kylie and David ruin his fresh start, while Nick menacingly warns him to stay away from Gail.

Les tells TV Times that it all starts when Michael gets a job at a garden centre, which goes well until David and Kylie arrive.

“He got the job himself. He told the staff about his past, and the guy who runs the centre decided to give him a chance,” says Les. “He’s very green-fingered and is loving it – until Kylie and David show up.

“They’ve both got it in for him, big time. When they shout out to people to watch their wallets and not trust Michael, they embarrass him completely.”

Michael gets the boot and when a furious Gail learns the news, she persuades Steve to give him a job at Street Cars.

But Nick and David are livid about Michael working on the cobbles and pay him a visit.

“Nick threatens Michael and tells him to stay away. Michael does stand up for himself, but he’s worried about getting Gail into trouble, so he decides to back off from her and the Street.”

Can Gail persuade her sons to give Michael a break?