Life or death for Claire?

Coronation Street’s Julia Haworth reveals how Claire’s baby nightmare leaves her life in the balance!

Claire’s behaving erratically again. What does Ashley make of it?

“Her behaviour’s odd, but Ashley puts it down to normal female hormones. In fact, the truth is much more devastating.”

We later find out that Claire’s pregnant – does she have any idea?

“She hasn’t got a clue. And things go horribly wrong when she’s on her own at home doing the ironing – suddenly she has this agonising pain in her chest and keels over unconscious.”

Ashley turns up just in time to see her being stretchered out of the house, after Lloyd finds her – what happens next?

“The doctors tell Ashley that Claire’s suffered a blood clot on her lung caused by deep vein thrombosis – and has lost the baby she was carrying. He’s told it’s touch and go and he’s terrified he’s going to lose her as well as the baby.”

How does Claire react when Ashley breaks this to her?

“It’s a massive shock because she’s on the Pill. But while it is devastating news, she’s also relieved. All she can think is that she couldn’t bear to have another baby after the terrible postnatal depression she went through with Freddie. So although she’s just had a major op and is on a cocktail of drugs, all she cares about is telling Ashley he must have a vasectomy.”

Poor Ashley’s in for an even bigger shock when he next visits Claire and sees her on the hospital roof, sobbing in her dressing gown… Is she about to jump?

“Ashley’s horrified. He races up to the roof where Claire tearfully explains she never wants another child as she couldn’t face it.”

The police turn up just as Ashley’s calmed her down – how does she deal with this?

“Claire panics that she’ll be sectioned again. She insists to Ashley that another baby would kill her and tells him if he loves her he’ll have the snip.”

And if he doesn’t?

“Then their relationship has no future…”

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